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Pet Therapy Perks for Your Senior Loved One

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Many hourly and live-in caregivers in North Broward confuse therapy pets with service animals, however, they are not the same thing. A service pet provides assistance to the disabled, while a therapy animal serves to boost or sustain a person’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive wellbeing. A therapy pet can be any type of animal, but it is typically a dog or cat that has gone through special training.

Therapy pets can be used to help those undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation, those with special needs, seniors who reside in nursing homes, and even those who receive North Broward at-home care. These animals provide a wide range of benefits for the senior population. The benefits of introducing pet therapy to your senior loved one includes providing companionship, encouraging better health, and promoting longevity.

Below are just a few notable examples of the various perks that a therapy pet can provide for seniors.

  • The interaction between a senior and therapy pet can foster emotional stability during stressful times. This emotional stability is due to the bond that develops between the pet and the senior.

  • Pets need daily attention such as food, water and exercise. When seniors work to meet the needs of the pet, the senior will lead a more active lifestyle. This additional activity provides health benefits that stave off illnesses such as heart disease and stroke.

  • Seniors and pets form a bond that helps to reduce anxiety and depression. This reduced anxiety is due to the senior feeling a sense of purpose while caring for the pet. Petting these animals also reduces anxiety because the act releases endorphins in the brain, which promotes positivity and relaxation.

  • Pets provide constant companionship for seniors, which equates to reduced loneliness and isolation.

  • Studies have shown that seniors with pets typically require less medical care. The need for less medical care is likely due to the numerous health benefits provided by the therapy pet.

Pet therapy isn’t the only care method proven to help seniors enjoy their golden years. Home Care Assistance provides premier services including dementia, stroke, and Alzheimer’s care in North Broward to promote senior health and wellbeing. In addition to caring for seniors who are ill or recovering from injury, we also offer professional companionship and emotional support for clients who simply need some company or help around the house. Call us today at 954-906-5161 to understand how Home Care Assistance of North Broward can help your loved one.