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5 Father’s Day Tips If Your Dad Has Alzheimer’s Disease

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If your dad has Alzheimer’s, don’t let his condition prevent you from celebrating Father’s Day this year. You may not be able to enjoy all of your favorite holiday traditions, but here are five ways to make the day meaningful. 

1. Avoid Confusing Situations 

To make Father’s Day enjoyable for your dad, keep the party atmosphere calm and the guest list to a minimum. If your dad is overwhelmed by too many people, loud noises, unfamiliar environments, or altered routines, he may become anxious or start to act out. Since it’s Father’s Day, plan activities to meet his needs. Celebrate the party in a location he’ll recognize, and incorporate elements of his daily routine into the festivities. If he always eats dinner at 5pm, make sure he has something to eat at that hour. 

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2. Do Things He Enjoys

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to indulge in your dad’s favorite things. Put on his favorite albums, as music can be a calming influence for seniors with Alzheimer’s. Try serving a few of his favorite foods—though don’t let him overindulge, as too much food or alcohol can be overwhelming. Your dad may also enjoy watching old movies with the family. 

3. Plan Activities 

While Alzheimer’s affects the memory systems that govern concentration, knowledge, and retention, it leaves procedural memory relatively untouched. Procedural memory refers to the ability to learn automatic skills like typing or riding a bike. If your dad has a favorite sport, use Father’s Day as an opportunity to indulge his inner athlete. Play a game of catch or go golfing. If your dad doesn’t have the mobility required for a backyard game, try watching his favorite sport on the TV. 

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4. Reminisce 

During a Father’s Day celebration, it’s only natural to think about all the memories you and your dad have shared over the years. His memory may be diminished, but this doesn’t mean you can’t reminisce together. Get the photo albums out, show him pictures of your major life milestones, and regale him with cherished family stories. Seniors with Alzheimer’s often have better long-term memories than short-term memories. When looking through old albums, try asking questions to spark your father’s memory. If you spot a photo of him at the beach as a kid, ask if he remembers any family vacations. If there’s a picture of his high school graduation, ask about his days as a student. You might be surprised by how much your father still remembers about his youth. 

5. Remind Him That He’s Loved 

Seniors with Alzheimer’s perceive the world a little differently than other people. They can still detect love and affection, so make sure your dad knows how much you care. Your dad may be comforted by your touch, so try hugging him or holding his hand. Simple displays of affection may be the best way to brighten his day.

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