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How Caregivers Can Maintain Their Senior Loved One’s Dental Health

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Whether cognitively or physically disabled, seniors may need assistance from respite North Broward, FL, caregivers to ensure daily hygiene tasks are accomplished. These duties also include oral care. Some seniors may need gentle reminders, while others require hands-on assistance. Here are a number of ways to ensure that senior loved ones maintain oral health.

Routine Care

Dental professionals recommend that seniors brush their teeth at least twice each day. Elderly loved ones who have trouble remembering things might need a reminder each day and night to perform this task. If unfamiliar with flossing, seniors might also appreciate an explanation and demonstration. Seniors might additionally be encouraged to use mouthwash following meals or sugary snacks.

Special Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes come in a variety of shapes, types and bristle strengths. Too soft and the brush may not adequately clean the teeth and gums. Too stiff and a senior may damage delicate gum tissue. If a senior has partials or upper and lower dentures, he or she will need to use toothbrushes specifically designed to clean the appliance. These brushes often have shorter handles and larger bristle heads for effectively cleaning interior and exterior surfaces.

Nutritional Needs

Eating a balanced diet also helps keep teeth and gums healthy. In addition to encouraging overall health, a proper diet enables the immune system to function properly to fight off possible oral infections. Adequate amounts of calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients keep teeth, bones, muscles and connective tissues healthy while providing the fuel to perform repairs when necessary.

Dental Visits

During dental visits, dentists have the chance to assess a senior’s oral health. They can determine if dentures fit properly or cavities need attention. Dental practitioners also know whether or not an elderly loved one is using proper brushing techniques or perhaps needs assistance based on the condition of gums and teeth. They can also recommend products that might offer the most benefit for your loved one.

Family members may not always be available to help their loved ones with these and other personal care tasks. Give your loved one a helping hand by reaching out to Home Care Assistance in North Broward, FL. We provide flexible live-in, hourly, and respite services that enable seniors to get the personal care and attention they need to age in place independently. Call us at 954-906-5161 today to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation.