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How Strokes Can Cause Depression

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Depression following a stroke is a very common problem for seniors and their post-stroke caregivers in North Broward, but it often goes untreated. However, mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health, which is why post-stroke depression should be taken seriously. But do strokes directly cause depression? Read on to find out.

Inability to Perform ADLs

About a third of people who have strokes experience depression weeks, months, or sometimes years after a stroke. Because strokes occur so suddenly, they can have life-changing effects on an individual that can lead to depression, particularly if an individual becomes disabled after the stroke. When people are unable to perform ADL’s, or activities of daily living, after a stroke, they are likely to develop depression because of their feelings of helplessness and dependency on post-stroke caregivers in North Broward. Typically, the more an individual is limited from the effects of his or her stroke, the higher the risk of depression.

Sustained Brain Damage

Sometimes damage to the brain from a stroke can contribute to post-stroke depression, as well. Some researchers believe that brain circuits that are involved in depression are affected during a stroke, resulting in post-stroke depression. Many researchers also believe that if an individual has experienced depression before the stroke, they are more likely to experience it after.

Gender Variable

Women are twice as likely as men to experience post-stroke depression. Some researchers believe that women have a greater chance of depression because they have a higher rate of left hemisphere legions in the brain. However, it has not been proven that brain legions after a stroke can contribute to depression.

What to Look For

Post-stroke depression can be very serious, but is often overlooked or undiagnosed. Common symptoms include sleep disturbances, change in appetite, social withdrawal, loss of interest in hobbies, and difficulty concentrating. Caregivers and family members are the most helpful in identifying these symptoms and helping their loved one find treatment.

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