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4 Exercises That Promote Healthy Vision

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By exercising the muscles and nerves in their eyes, seniors can reduce strain and improve the quality of their vision. Here are a few simple exercises North Broward respite caregivers can encourage seniors to practice each day.

1. Apply Warmth

Have your senior loved one rub his or her hands together to generate some heat. He or she should then close his or her eyes and then place his or her warm palms against them. The heat should help relax the eye muscles while closing the eyes helps lubricate them. He or she should do this two to three times for maximum benefit.

2. Roll the Eyes

Next, have your loved one open his or her eyes and roll them. Start by rolling the eyes in a clockwise motion first and repeat five to 10 times. Then switch directions and roll the eyes in a counterclockwise pattern. This should help loosen the muscles around the eyes and prevent eyestrain.

3. Look in Different Directions

Without moving his or her head, have your loved one look to one side with his or her eyes and hold his or her gaze for a few seconds. Then encourage your loved one to look straight up and hold his or her gaze for a few seconds more. Next, have your loved one shift his or her gaze to the other side and hold before looking down at his or her feet. Finally, have your loved one cross his or her eyes and hold this look for five to 10 seconds. This exercise will relax the eye muscles and exercise his or her visual acuity.

4. Shift Focus

Don’t forget to help your senior loved one strengthen his or her focus. Start by having your senior loved one hold a pencil or pen at an arm’s length away from his or her face and focus on it. Have him or her slowly move it closer until it’s roughly six inches from your loved one’s nose. Then have your loved one extend his or her arm again. Doing this several times will strengthen your loved one’s near and farsighted vision.

Tests have shown that two months of using these exercises can strengthen the optical muscles. These four exercises are quick and easy to practice with your senior loved one and can significantly boost his or her visual acuity. Learn more about senior wellness by calling Home Care Assistance of North Broward, FL, at 954-906-5161. We provide comprehensive home care that boosts senior longevity and wellbeing by promoting healthy lifestyle habits including diet, exercise, and socialization. Schedule a free consultation with a friendly Care Manager when you call.