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Common Senior Foot Injuries

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Senior adults are often at greater risk for foot injuries as muscles lose mass and become weaker. Vision or balance problems increase the risk for injury due to falls. In the majority of cases, minor injuries heal without the need for medical attention. Even still, hourly North Broward caregivers should familiarize themselves with the most common foot injuries sustained by the elderly.


Habitually wearing high-heeled shoes or shoes that are too tight puts excess pressure on the nerves between the toes. The condition is known as Morton’s neuroma. The problem causes discomfort that ranges from numbness and tingling to an ache or severe pain. Applying ice to the area easily relieves the discomfort. You can help your loved one avoid this injury by choosing shoes with lower heels and wider toes, which eliminates the stress on nerves. Seniors might also need padding or orthotic inserts.


The unsightly bulge on the outer part of the foot just below the big toe occurs when the joint connecting the toe to the foot gradually shifts outward. Shoes with high heels or narrow toes are most often to blame. However, for some, heredity is a factor. If the problem remains untreated, the condition becomes extremely painful and prevents seniors from walking or wearing shoes. Ice applications, footpads and more appropriate footwear help alleviate the discomfort. In severe cases, surgeons can reverse the displacement.

Achilles Tendinitis

The long Achilles tendon that rises from the heel upward can thicken, become inflamed or swollen when overworked. Tight calf muscles and high-impact exercise routines are contributing factors. The symptoms often resolve on their own when seniors choose low-impact activities or perform exercises designed to stretch and strengthen calf muscles. Some reasonable exercise options include cycling or elliptical machines.

Sprained Ankles

Statistics suggest that up to 25,000 people fall, misstep or accidentally twist their foot in such a way that the action results in a sprained ankle. The injury commonly occurs when the connective tissues on the outer side of the ankle abnormally stretch or tear. The individual experiences immediate pain along with swelling and possible bruising. The discomfort often prevents seniors from bearing weight on the foot. Mild cases only require rest, ice, bandage wraps and elevation to heal, though it’s important to see a doctor to verify the sprain isn’t something worse.

Living with a foot injury can make life at home difficult for seniors, but you can give your loved one the help he or she needs when you reach out to a trusted home care agency. Contact North Broward Home Care Assistance at 954-906-5161 today to speak with a friendly Care Manager about our flexible in-home care that enables seniors to recover efficiently while getting the help they need around the house. We are available 24/7 to take your call, answer your questions, and schedule a free in-home consultation.