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Fun Games that Stimulate Cognitive Function for Seniors with Dementia

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Researchers from around the world discovered the benefits that seniors with dementia obtain by playing certain games. The focus, concentration, and motor skills exercised during these games play helps reinforce and build new neural pathways of seniors with dementia. Games also bring memories to the surface while encouraging social interaction between providers of at-home care in North Broward and the seniors they care for.


Depending on the severity of dementia symptoms, learning new games may be frustrating and too challenging. Common games like bingo have been played for generations and are based on a simple concept. In addition to cards displaying traditional numbers and columns marked by the letters of the word bingo, other forms of cards feature familiar objects, which help boost cognitive identification skills.


There are numerous card games that benefit seniors who require dementia home care in North Broward. Card games are useful because they are not only socially interactive, but they are also cognitively stimulating. Seniors with mild dementia symptoms may enjoy a challenging game of bridge or pinochle. On the other end of the spectrum, simple games like “go fish” or simplified war may work for seniors with moderate dementia.


This game can easily be modified to accommodate seniors with dementia by attaching images of familiar objects to cards. Choose images reminiscent of days gone by, which may include anything from historic vehicles, clothing, household items, or celebrities. Players may then play a traditional game of concentration by finding matching images. This game helps seniors with dementia by exercising their memory.


Difficulty with word retrieval is one of the first symptoms of memory loss among seniors with dementia. A brain stimulating game might involve challenging seniors to finish a common phrase by saying the last word. Even word searches and crossword puzzles are effective games to help seniors with dementia strengthen their vocabulary and verbal skills.

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