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5 Hobbies for Aging Adults with Limited Mobility

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With age, your senior loved one may face limited dexterity and difficulty with mobility. However, there are a few hobbies he or she can pursue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. North Broward, FL, home care professionals discuss a few healthy activities for seniors with limited mobility.

1. Windowsill Gardening

Gardening is an excellent hobby, but seniors with limited mobility might find it difficult to bend over or kneel down. Windowsill gardening allows seniors to grow their favorite vegetables and herbs from the comfort of their living rooms or kitchens. Dill, basil, mint, and thyme are easy to grow indoors with a few basic supplies.

2. Writing with Voice Recognition Software

According to the CDC, more than 22 percent of adults have some form of arthritis. Issues with joints can make it difficult to type or sit in a single position for a long period. However, there are devices that make it possible for seniors to write without using their hands. Modern voice recognition software automatically transcribes anything said into a microphone, and many programs even work with multiple languages.

3. Photography

This hobby may take years to master, but it is easy to get the hang of. A senior can practice photography skills by taking pictures of loved ones or favorite items around his or her home. There are many free online classes that teach skills such as proper lighting and framing.

4. Bird Watching

Bird watching can help stimulate and challenge your loved one’s cognitive skills. Finding a variety of birds may be difficult, but seniors can start looking for birds in their own backyard. Many bird enthusiasts also keep journals of their findings and share them with each other at local meetings or through online groups.

5. Backyard Astronomy

Introductory telescopes are more affordable than ever, and they allow your loved one to enjoy looking at the stars above. Amateur astronomers often track their favorite constellations and keep notes of their movements. Seniors can even invite friends and family members to enjoy celestial shows such as meteor showers and nearby comets.

If your loved one needs assistance with his or her daily activities or hobbies, call Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers can provide your loved one with the support needed to maintain a high quality of life at home, and they can also help him or her stay safe when going out. We offer tailored care plans, which can include healthy meal preparation, medication reminders, and social stimulation activities to boost your loved one’s health. For high-quality respite care, North Broward, FL, families can reach us at 954-906-5161.