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How to Ease Your Loved One into At-Home Care

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While a North Broward live-in home care provider can be an excellent resource for your senior loved one, making the transition from living alone to having another person to help out may be difficult for him or her. Here are some ways to make the transition to in-home care easier for your senior loved one.

Promote Independence

It’s important to have a candid conversation with your senior loved one about his or her independence. Many seniors fear that once they have at-home help, they will no longer be able to be independent or make their own decisions. You can put your senior loved one’s mind at ease by explaining that an in-home caregiver won’t make any decisions for your senior loved one. He or she is simply there to help your loved one with challenging tasks, not to take over completely.

Set Up a Casual Meeting

A good way to ease your senior loved one into in-home care is to arrange a meeting between your loved one and the caregiver before the at-home assistance begins. Look for a neutral meeting place such as a local ice cream store or coffee shop. Meeting up beforehand can give your senior loved one a chance to get to know his or her caregiver as a person and get a sense of their compatibility.

Outline the Expectations

Talk to your senior loved one to find out if there are boundaries he or she would like an in-home caregiver to remember while caring for him or her. While this may seem obvious, giving your loved one the chance to write out his or her expectations of in-home care will help your loved one feel more secure with the having a new person in his or her life and helping around the house. Encourage your senior loved one to voice any concerns with his or her in-home caregiver.

Point Out the Positives

Seniors may have trouble remembering all the positives of home care during the transition. If your senior loved one is having trouble adjusting, encourage him or her to list a few good things that have come out of in-home care, such as regular companionship or having help with difficult tasks like laundry and housekeeping.

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