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Reducing Asthma Symptoms with the Sneezeometer

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A group of researchers in Great Britain developed a portable device that has thus far proven to be more accurate in determining the presence of asthma and other respiratory conditions. The device is a type of spirometer, which is a mechanism that has been around for decades and is used by physicians and respiratory specialists to measure and analyze lung function. The diagnostic medical tools are complex, not portable and require that a patient repeatedly breathe deeply into a hose or tube, which is connected to the main device that calculates lung function. However, the newly developed Respirometer Mark II or Sneezometer is a small, hand-held device that gives hope to seniors and their live-in North Broward caregivers in terms of quick and efficient asthma diagnosis.

Working in conjunction with medical professionals, aerospace engineer Dr. David Birch and associates created this new device. The University of Surrey team used their knowledge of experiments involving wind-tunnel measurement techniques to formulate the concept of the flowmeter that was created using 3D printers. Combining high-resolution 3D printing and the latest in aerospace sensing technology, the team created a series of chambers and tubes housed in a plastic frame. In terms of size and design, the Sneezometer is not unlike the hand-held devices that patients used to self-administer breathing treatments.

When tested by area physicians, the flowmeter was more sensitive than similar diagnostic tools currently being used. This type of spirometer has the ability to detect the tiniest fluctuations in a person’s breath, which provides a better indication of the possible presence of disease. The device was nicknamed the Sneezometer for its ability to measure a sneeze. In addition to lung function, early testing revealed that the meter is also useful for evaluating heart function. Heartbeats and blood flowing through vessels cause minute changes in the rate of air that flows in and out of the lungs. The new device accurately detects these changes.

Portable and inexpensive, the Respirometer Mark II would also be beneficial in third world countries where pollution poses a constant health threat. Researchers believe that their device could be on the market by 2018.

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