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How to Spend Labor Day with Your Elderly Loved One

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Summer is winding down to an end, but there’s still Labor Day to look forward to. If you plan on spending time with your senior loved one this Labor Day weekend, here are a few activities that come highly recommended by North Broward senior home care providers.


Labor Day unofficially marks the final days of the summer season, which usually means mild weather can be expected. Seniors can take advantage of sunny skies and enjoy a picnic with friends or family members. The picnic should be held in a local park or other green space that makes it easy for seniors to breathe fresh air, walk around and relax without major disturbances. In order to reinforce healthy eating habits for seniors, a picnic on Labor Day should include plenty of fresh fruit, salads, yogurt and other light snacks.

Backyard Movie

Even if they plan on staying at home on Labor Day, seniors can still have plenty of fun by watching a movie in the backyard. North Broward caregivers and family members should be in charge of setting up the movie screen, projector and other apparatuses needed to successfully play a film in an outdoor setting. A wonderful way to satisfy grandma and grandpa is to allow them to select the specific movie that they can watch with the family. Perhaps senior citizens would be thrilled to see their favorite classic films that were once shown in theaters decades ago. A backyard movie night also gives youngsters a chance to compare modern Hollywood productions with those enjoyed by their grandparents.


On Labor Day, senior citizens can help out their relatives with some important gardening tasks. During this time of the year, perennial flowers that bloomed during the summer season need to be properly handled in preparation for the fall. Gardening gives seniors a fun way to engage in moderate physical activity without overexertion. On Labor Day, seniors could also dig through the storage shed and garage to find some decorations that will soon be installed for upcoming holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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