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Typical Signs of Liver Disease

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Although it may not appear in the news often, liver diseases are the number one killer in the United States, affecting about 32 million Americans. Of them, over 16,000 people are on the waiting list for liver transplants. If you are a live-in North Broward, FL, caregiver, then you might want to look out for these common symptoms in your senior loved one.


A purple rash on the lower legs that does not respond to topical treatment is a common sign of liver disease. While it baffles doctors, many people with liver disease find that their palms and feet itch at night. Nails that have changed color is another common sign of liver disease.

Urine and Stool

North Broward, FL, elder care professionals say that most people with liver disease find that their urine is about the same color as root beer. Doctors especially become concerned if the senior reports that their stool is consistently a lighter color than normal.


Gaze deeply into the senior’s eyes to see what color the outside edge appears. If you notice a yellow tinge, then you might want to suggest that the senior see their doctor as this is a common sign of bile building up in the system. Many people with liver disease develop extremely minute bumps on their eyelids. Some seniors reporting changes in their night vision have liver disease.


A senior’s stomach that expands may not be because they are eating more food. Liver disease often makes the stomach fill with fluid. This fluid can even put pressure on the diaphragm making it difficult for the senior to breathe.

Chronic Fatigue

If you notice that the senior stops doing the things they used to enjoy because they say they are always too tired, then you might suggest that they have their liver function checked. Several liver diseases can cause changes in neurotransmitters in the brain which can cause the senior to constantly feel tired.

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