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Preparing the House for Post-Stroke Care

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Following a stroke, seniors often have to make considerable lifestyle changes, and family caregivers must also adjust to these changes. Stroke survivors and caregivers may need to take many precautions after a stroke. For instance, the stroke survivor’s diet and exercise routine may need to be changed. Also, the senior’s home may need to be prepared for comfort and maneuverability in light of his or her new needs. North Broward post-stroke care experts suggest making the following changes around the house after your loved one has had a stroke.

Safety-Proof the Bathroom

Take steps to keep your loved one safe in the bathroom. Slippery bathtubs can cause head, body, or neck injuries in case of a fall. Prevent bathroom accidents by installing grab bars in the tub or near the toilet. Put in nonslip rugs for your loved one to step on. You can also put in a special seat for him or her to sit on while bathing.

Make Adjustments to the Bedroom

The bedroom’s door handles may need to be changed, perhaps to a simpler style requiring a light pull to open. This way, your loved one will not have to figure out how to maneuver a complicated lock.

Simplify Clothing

Loose clothing with Velcro or snap-ons is likely to be much easier for a senior stroke survivor to put on than tight-fitting outfits with zippers or buttons. The simplicity of the clothes is just as important as the comfort.

Provide Waste Control Devices

Your loved one may have incontinence after a stroke, so it’s important to be prepared for waste control. Keep portable commodes, bed pads, and adult diapers near the bed in case your loved one can’t make it to the bathroom. Consider hiring a caregiver in North Broward to help your elderly loved one with tasks such as going to the bathroom or changing a diaper.

Modify the Kitchen

Push button controls, tables, and refrigerators with wheelchair access can make the kitchen safer for stroke survivors. Stocking the kitchen with chopped or liquefied food or drinks and specialized utensils can also make mealtime easier for your loved one.

If your loved one has had a stroke, a caregiver from Home Care Assistance can provide the help he or she need to remain safe and comfortable at home. We are a trusted name in elder care North Broward families can count on, and our live-in and respite caregivers provide home care for seniors with specialized needs such as post-stroke and Alzheimer’s care. Call 954-906-5161 to speak with a knowledgeable Care Manager, learn more about the services we offer, and schedule a free consultation.