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Creative Tips to Keep Seniors Hydrated

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Seniors are prone to dehydration more than any segment of our population. The causes of this range from simple forgetfulness to the fact that many prescription drugs cause fluid loss. The human body is over 70 percent water and it is necessary for every function the body performs, which is why it is important that we stay hydrated. Here are several creative ways at-home caregivers in North Broward can ensure that their loved one get enough fluids.

Infused Water

Plain old water can get pretty boring if that is all your loved one is drinking. Learning to make infusions is an easy way to add some flavor. Infusions are made by simply adding fruit or vegetable slices to cold water. For example, cucumber, lemon, and basil is a popular flavor combination. Another idea is to use coconut water. This is sweet water from the coconut itself has the added benefit of providing tons of potassium. Coconut water infused with strawberries is particularly tasty.

Smoothies and Shakes

A high-speed blender that can liquefy fruits and vegetables is a great way to increase hydration. Smoothies are tasty and quite easy to make. Recipes abound on the Internet and in books and magazines. The great thing about this method is that you can also add a bit of protein powder to increase the overall nutritive value. Try to avoid dairy while blending your loved one’s smoothie as the fat content can dehydrate him or her. Instead, use low-sugar juices or coconut water for additional hydration.

Savory Bone Broths

Learn to make a homemade bone broth. Beef or chicken are the most popular flavors. In addition to being extremely healthy, they have a very high water content. Broths are also easy for seniors to consume and keep down, as well as being highly desirable during cold weather. If your loved one complains about the chill, this is a perfect remedy that will solve several problems at once. Keep your eye on the amount of salt you add and never use store-bought broth.

Hydrating Foods

Lastly, remember that not all liquids hydrate and what you avoid can be as important as what you consume. Coffee, for example, is a strong diuretic and will hasten dehydration. Strong teas and soft drinks can also do this. Avoid these items and opt for thing like fruits and vegetables, which are around 70 percent water. Adding them to as many meals as you can is a great way to increase the your loved one’s water intake.

Hydration and diet are important aspects of senior care. To help your loved one maintain proper nutrition, turn to Home Care Assistance of North Broward. We provide comprehensive elder care North Broward seniors can rely on to promote healthy lifestyles based on nutritious diet, regular exercise, socialization, and independence. Give your loved one the chance to maintain wellbeing during the golden years. Call 954-906-5161 today to schedule a free consultation.