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Crafty Ways for Families to Decorate a Loved One’s Home for Thanksgiving

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North Broward elderly care agencies know that there are so many craft projects that will look beautiful in your senior’s home this year. They usually go together in a matter of minutes. These projects were carefully chosen because they are not very expensive, yet the look on your loved one’s face when you decorate his or her home for Thanksgiving will be priceless.

Canning Jar Pumpkin

A canning jar pumpkin not only looks great, but smells great too. Start by obtaining 12 canning jar rings. You can use new ones or add unique characteristics to the pumpkin by using ones that have already held a canned food. Cut a piece of burlap about one-inch across and thread the jar lids onto it. Tie the two ends of the burlap in a knot and hide it inside the pumpkin. Now, stick some cinnamon sticks in the middle to form the pumpkin’s stem. You can add a leaf cut out of burlap if you desire.

Thanksgiving Candle Ensemble

While you are trimming the backyard trees this year, watch for some straight pieces of wood that are about two to three inches in diameter. Clean them and cut them into lengths so that they have a flat bottom and will stand about 12 inches tall. You will need five in all. Then, drill a hole in the top of each one so that you can insert a tall taper candle into each. Use stickers from the local craft or hardware store to put a letter on each one spelling out the word “thanks.”

Thanksgiving Wall Hanging

Head to the scrapbooking section in your favorite hobby store to make a picture that will be perfect for your senior’s home. Start by picking out five or six pages to form your background and then pick out some pages with cute Thanksgiving sayings. You will also need a picture frame and a piece of foam board that fits inside the frame. Once you are home, cut the background pieces, and glue them to the foam board in a patchwork style. Then, glue your favorite sayings on top. Finally, insert the foam board into the picture frame.

Decorating your senior’s home for Thanksgiving is a labor of love. Learn more about ways to perk up your senior loved one this holiday season by calling Home Care Assistance at 954-906-5161. Our reliable live-in and North Broward hourly home care encourages seniors to lead active lifestyles in order to promote vitality and longevity in the comfort of home. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with a trusted Care Manager.