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Creative Winter-Themed Crafts Seniors Can Enjoy

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North Broward in-home care providers believe that winter is the perfect time to enjoy a craft project with seniors. Many scientific studies show that seniors who are creative enjoy more vital, active lives. They also tend to be more engaged with those that they love. Here are some wonderful craft projects that seniors may enjoy making at home with family caregivers this winter.

Cup Cozies

Cup cozies are easy to make at home out of an old clean long sock. Start by measuring the area that you want the cozy to cover. Add one inch to that measurement and cut it from the top of the sock. Turn down the one inch at the top of the sock and hold it in place with fabric glue or a few simple stitches. After the glue dries, if your cup has a handle, then cut a slit in the sock for the handle. While you have made a basic cup cozy, you can finish it by adding decorations such as buttons.

Beaded Snowflakes

Beaded snowflakes are easy to make and when seniors hang them in their windows, they catch the light sending it through the room in unusual patterns. For this project, the senior needs a one-inch foam ball, some crystal beads, fishing line and some corsage pins. If you do not have any of these supplies, they are available at most hobby stories. Then, simply put the beads on the corsage pin and stick it into the side of the ball. Continue until you have a snowflake that you like. Then, cut a piece of fishing line and wrap it around the head of a pin. Insert it into the ball and tie on the other end to create a hanging loop.

Pencil Holder

Seniors can easily make a pencil or pen holder from an old clean tin can and a magazine. Start by tearing colorful pages from the magazine. Then, measure the height of the tin can and cut your pages to that height. Wrap each magazine page loosely around a pen. Now, put a drop of glue on the paper to hold it in a circle. Run a strip of glue down one edge of the paper and attach it to the can. The senior should continue until they have covered the entire outside of the can. Now, take one final piece and cut it to fit the inside of the can. Finally, glue it in place.

With so many wonderful craft projects for seniors, there is no need for your senior to get bored even though they may be stuck inside this winter. Turn to Home Care Assistance for more ideas on how to keep your loved one engaged all year round. Our comprehensive Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke home care in North Broward encourages seniors to lead active lifestyles in the convenience of home. Call 954-906-5161 today to have a trusted Care Manager customize a unique care schedule for your loved one.